True Color studio is a film agency offering a variety of services. Our roots in the mountains and our creative passion for bringing brand identities and stories to life drives progression that has inspired this endeavor and its expansion. We are dedicated to providing unique perspectives for our clients and ourselves as we focus on authentic high-end production and seamless execution.

Our services are offered from conception through completion, and we take pride in each and every client we partner with, big or small. We see things in a different light, but with our own eyes and draw upon a wealth of experience.

Creative Development

Originality and vision are key elements of our production approach and play a key role in our Creative Development services. We provide the briefs, strategies and concepts to our clients throughout the creative process to help them stand out from the pack.


We bring a mix of passion, creativity and expertise to all of our shoots. Whether it's following snowboarders charging down extreme faces in Alaska, or getting the most out of a rainy day supercar track shoot, or even making the most of a 5 minute interview slot with a megastar. We got you covered. We are agile, open-minded and ever-ready to pick up a camera and shoot cool stuff.

Post Production

We feel strongly that post production doesn't need to be an afterthought: for us, it is crucial to have it in mind during all facets of the creative and production processes. Consider us for all aspects of editing, visual effects, color grading & sound design.